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Litteraria Pragensia Books (LPB) is an independent imprint published in cooperation with the Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory, DALC, and the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University, Prague.

In affiliation with the cultural studies journal Litteraria Pragensia (founded 1990), LPB published its first title in 2002, and since then has evolved and expanded into an independent book series specialising in the areas of contemporary poetics, literature, critical theory and cultural studies. In addition, LPB is the publisher of the international poetics and arts magazine, VLAK. 2010 marked the release of LPB's thirtieth book title.

LPB has published work by Slavoj Zizek, Helene Cixous, Bernard Stiegler, Gayatri Spivak, Stephan Greenblatt, Jerome J. McGann, Natalie Zemon Davies, Mark Amerika, Roy Ascott, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Mark Poster, McKenzie Wark, Gregory L. Ulmer, Geert Lovink, Arthur & Marilouise Kroker, Benjamin H. Bratton, Zoe Beloff, Darren Tofts, Donald F. Theall, Johanna Drucker, Hartmut Winkler, Lisa Jarnot, Niall Lucy, Rebecca D'Monte, Simon Critchley, Christian Bok, Mairead Byrne, Laurens De Vos, Johannes Birringer, Thomas Docherty, Richard Kearney, J.H. Prynne, Jena Osman, Michael Farrell, Allen Fisher, Vincent Katz, Kyle Schlesinger, Stephanie Strickland, John Wilkinson... & many more.

David Vichnar (Managing Editor)

Louis Armand (Prague), Michael Groden (Western Ontario), Marjorie Perloff (Stanford), Ondrej Pilny (Prague), Martin Prochazka (Prague), Jean-Michel Rabaté (Pennsylvania), Clare Wallace (Prague).

Arthur Bradley (Lancaster), Pierre Joris (SUNY-Albany), Jane Lewty (Amsterdam), Christina Ljungberg (Zürich), Laurent Milesi (Cardiff), Andrew Mitchell (Emory), Holly Tavel (Brown/AAU), Darren Tofts (Swinburne).

Louis Armand (Prague), Edmund Berrigan (New York), Carol Watts (London), Ali Alizadeh (Melbourne), Jane Lewty (Amsterdam), David Vichnar (Prague).

Selected LPB titles are distributed in the USA by Syracuse University Press.

NOTE: Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods and services provided by Litteraria Pragensia