edited by Louis Armand, Pam Brown, David Vichnar, Olga Pek, Stephen Mooney, Larry Sawyer, Steven J. Fowler, Jeroen Nieuwland, Ali Alizadeh, Michael Brennan, Edmund Berrigan, Jane Lewty
ISSN 1804-512X
Paperback, 664pp
Publication date: May 2015
Litteraria Pragensia: Prague, Sydney, New York, Tokyo, London, Melbourne, Berlin, Chicago, Amsterdam

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Contributors to VLAK 5 include Marina Abramovic, Seth Abramson, Bruno Adams, Demosthenes Agrafiotis, Gwendolyn Albert, Ali Alizadeh, Ian Almond, Bjarte Alvestad, Robert Archambeau, Louis Armand, Marc Atkins, Tim Atkins, Zbynek Baladran, Stephanie Barber, Charles Bernstein, Felix Bernstein, Edmund Berrigan, Johannes Birringer, Vit Bohal, Ken Bolton, Amaranth Borsuk, Nicole Brossard, Radek Brousil, Pam Brown, Finn Brunton, Justin Bryant, Pascalle Burton, David Buuck, Robert Carrithers, Sean Carswell, Jim Chaffee, Abigail Child, Adrian Clarke, Wayne Clements, Tim Conley, Clark Coolidge, Vincent Dachy, Steve Dalachinsky, Ailbhe Darcy, James Davies, Jeremy M. Davies, Mark Paul Divo, Johanna Drucker, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, Lori Emerson, Vadim Erent, Vincent Farnsworth, Michael Farrell, Nathaniel Farrell, Allen Fisher, Toby Fitch, SJ Fowler, Ulli Freer, Chris Funkhauser, Thor Garcia, Miranda Gavin, Nada Gordon, Helen Grace, Stephanie Gray, Lisa Gye, Catherine Hales, Matt Hall, Alan Halsey, Robert Hampson, Philip Hammial, Susan Hawthorne, Ian Hays, Yasmin Heisler, Lyn Hejinian, Matt Hetherington, Jeff Hilson, Bob Holman, Jana Horakova, DJ Huppatz, Paul Ingram, Mark W. Jacobs, Peter Jaegger, Harold Jaffe, Carol Jenkins, Gareth Jenkins, Tom Jenks, Travis Jeppesen, Doug Jones, Keith Jones, Pierre Joris, Miles Joris-Peyrafitte, Trevor Joyce, Justin Katko, Vincent Katz, John Kinsella, Virginia Konchan, Alena Kotzmannova, Zsolt Lang, Hank Lazer, Jane Lewty, Manuel P. Lopez, Niall Lucy, Anna Macdonald, Jan Machacek, Richard Makin, Jane Malcolm, Sophie Malleret, Adrian Martin, Aidan McCardle, Anthony Mellors, Erika Mikkalo, Drew Milne, Nick Montfort, Sarah Moriarty, Ian Morris, Bill Mousoulis, Vicky Mousoulis, Ken Nash, Jeroen Nieuwland, Mette Norrie, Damien Ober, Andrew Oldham, Julian Oliver, Kirby Olson, Fábio Paiva, Holly Pester, Eva Ulrike Pirker, Vanessa Place, Rachelle Rahme, Kit Robinson, Nathan Roche, Jerome Rothenberg, Lou Rowan, Jim Ruland, Kaia Sand, Gordan Savicic, Seekers Of Lice, Daniella Seel, Phil Shoenfelt, Lucie Skrivankova, Adrian Slatcher, Linus Slug the Younger, Philippe Sollers, Alan Sondheim, Jasper Spoelstra, Brian Stefans, Lesley Stern, Stephanie Strickland, Holly Tavel, Philip Terry, Lotto Thiessen, Darren Tofts, Jachym Topol, Adam Trachtman, John Tranter, Matt Trease, Lawrence Upton, Danja Vasiliev, David Vichnar, Ann Vickery, Divya Victor, Melchior Vischer, Mark Waldron, Corey Wakeling, Lewis Warsh, Marjorie Welish, Elaine Whittaker, D. Harlan Wilson, Kyoko Yoshida, Ali Znaidi. ...

VLAK is an international curatorial project with a broad focus on contemporary poetics, art, film, philosophy, music, design, science, politics, performance, ecology, and new media.

VLAK represents the desire to extend our understanding about what is possible; to pose questions about the prevailing attitude of norms; to explore the ramifications of contemporary culture and attempt new critical and creative methods.

"What is lost in abstraction? What is signified by a long work? By a serial work? What are its limitations? How might multiple voices reflect reality? Infect reality? And how sustain such a work? How does the world enter the work? How is the inside destroyed or transformed into 'another' space? How end a work? How reshape parts of the world, and is that what we aspire to anyway? Are we breathing easier, feeling better, glutted with our 'contemporary practice' digested? Or fiercely unsatisfied, curious, anxious, asking, 'What are tomorrow's questions?'" (Abigail Child, This is Called Moving)

VLAK stands for the drive to experiment, to synthesise, to extend--holding to the principle that a vital culture is always experimental and thus always "at a crossroads."