Essays on the International Prague Poetry Scene
ed. David Vichnar
ISBN 978-80-7308-350-2 (paperback) 200pp
Publication date: May 2011

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To speak of an "international Prague poetry scene" is to deal with an in-between space: a space between languages, cultures, literary traditions. A space of trans-lation, of carrying-over, of meta-phor. A space of boundaries, limits, borderlines: the space of the threshold.

David Vichnar's 2011 edited collection of writings Thresholds: Essays on the International Prague Poetry Scene aims to explore the critical impact of four of the most prominent Anglophone poets active in Prague over the past 20 years--Gwendolyn Albert, Louis Armand, Laura Conway and Vincent Farnsworth. The collection addresses the issues of transculturality and transnationalism, on the one hand, and locality and regionalism, on the other. Contributors include: Gwendolyn Albert, Ali Alizadeh, Louis Armand, Laura Conway, Chris Crawford, Stephan Delbos, Vadim Erent, Jane Lewty, Jules Mann, Katerina Pinosova.

Each of the essays & interviews collected here aims to give the proponents of Prague literary scene their due, both in terms of theorising their work in original contexts, as well as evaluating their contributions, both past & present. Together, they provide insights into the concerns of an ongoing international discussion on the locus & locality of contemporary poetry written from outside the poets' homelands, across borders -- what has come to be termed translocal poetry.

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