by Louis Armand
ISBN 1-876857-59-5 (poetry). 132pp.
Published: 2003
Publisher: Salt Publishing (Cambridge, UK)

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Armand keeps it to the skin, 'obstinately full of holes,' which answers back to the question of whether things suddenly become simple. They don't.
--Daniel M. Nester, La Petite Zine

precise language succinctly expressing sophisticated ideas--one can tell he enjoys the act of creating, not just the finished product of the poem.
--Edward Taylor, The Plaza

cool ... postmodern
--Kevin Hart, The Sydney Morning Herald

scrapes away at language to form strange, new forms
--David McCooey, The Age

armand is the international conduit for much of the dialogue that’s developing today. he is an internationalist, an innovator … he’s genre busting & on an “open” passport
--John Kinsella, The Sydney Morning Herald

Louis Armand is director of the InterCultural Studies programme in the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University, Prague. His books include Solicitations: Essays on Criticism & Culture; Techne: James Joyce, Hypertext & Technology; and Incendiary Devices: Discourses of the Other.

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