eds. Vit Bohal & Dustin Breitling
ISBN 978-80-7308-946-7 (paperback) 219pp
Publication date: November 2019

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Contributors: Alexander R. Galloway, Marco Donnarumma, Sam Samiee, Paul Chaney, Sarah Kember, Martin Stefl, David Bates, Louis Armand, Vaclav Janoscik, Inigo Wilkins

Exploring contemporary strands of philosophical praxis orientated towards mapping and theorizing the notion of "environment" as geological, organic and social construct. Upon this ground, it formulates the concept of "speculative ecology" as a transdisciplinary form of discursive practice embedded within materiality. The acceptance of the existence and the imposing limitations of the material world functions as a point of departure for the contributors to speculate and experimentally navigate the topology of their surroundings in various, multi-tiered modalities. The main focus is placed upon exploring the integral materiality through digital projects and aesthetic production and is best encapsulated by the three overarching concepts which also create the publication's basic thematic framework: Representations, Systems and Speculations. These three concepts provide the envelope within which a speculative form of ecological thinking might best function. The integral materialism of such a speculative ecology retains complicity with the relation of the "world" and "figure" insofar as it understands the material mandate of nature, and in this way tries to open space for tentative post-human design.
Featuring Louis Armand, BCAAsystem, Vit Bohal, Dustin Breitling, Paul Chaney, Matt Colquhoun, Digital Garden Lab, Jana Gridneva, Newton Harrison, Alzbeta Kesnerova, Bogna Konior, Katerina Kovarova, Tomas Mladek, Udo Noll, P Hydrogenous, Paulo Tavares, Gry Ulstein.

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