James Joyce in Prague

(Proceedings of the XXIInd International James Joyce Symposium)

eds. David Vichnar, David Spurr, Mike Groden
ISBN 978-80-7308-416-5 (paperback) 334pp
Publication date: June 2012

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This collection of essays, drawn from the sessions, plenaries, and roundtable discussions of the XXIInd International James Joyce Symposium that took place in June, 2010, in Prague, covers a range of subjects from the Joyce/Kafka intertext and the Prague Linguistic Circle, to recent advances in the genetic criticism of Joyce. Contributors: Hans E. Jahnke, Daniel Ferrer, Steve McCaffery, Jean-Michel Rabate, Richard Brown, Catherine Flynn, Katharine Streip, Christine O'Neill, Vincent J. Cheng, Katarzyna Bazarnik, Mary Libertin, Liliane Rodriguez, Benoit Tadie, Robbert-Jan Henkes, Lawrence Stanley, Cliff Mak, Mia McIver, Cat Gubernatis Dannen, Onno Kosters, Thomas Jackson Rice, Greg Winston, Andre Topia.

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