eds. Louis Armand & Jaromir Lelek
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ISBN 978-80-7308-587-2 (paperback). 208pp.
Publication date: December 2015


Essays and interventions by seventeen international artists & theorists, on subjects ranging from literary terrorism, transgression, the 13/11 Paris shootings, cyberfeminism, scifi digi-porn, Kathy Acker's terrorist aesthetics, Andrea Brady's Abu Graib poems, the digital jihadi corporate industry, schizoanalysis, polymorphous perversity, & the corporate aesthetics of contemporary dictatorship.
"Naked hegemonies display themselves at every turn. Pornocommodification, epitomising the prevailing model of social life, represents the autistic conscience of the children of Marx and Coca-Cola. If History is satire, Commodity Hardcore is its gonzo realism: a "violence without qualities" performing a collective pay-per-view mindfuck, satisfaction guaranteed in endless time-delay, from here to eternity. Pornoterror is the wake-up call for the next upgrade, instalment, panic button. Daddy's on the TV, mummy's on the phone. There's always a fascist under the bed, right when you need one. Look, it's you." Featuring: Vanessa Place, Richard Tipping, Dominique Hecq, Richard Marshall, Penny Anti, Louis Armand, David Vichnar, Matt Hall, Lisa Gye & Darren Tofts, Ian Haig, Jaromir Lelek, Casey Carr, Vadim Erent, Thor Garcia, D. Harlan Wilson, Kinga Toth.
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