from 1920 to the present

ed. David Vichnar
ISBN TBA (paperback) 300pp
Publication date: May 2016

Price: € 12.00 (not including postage)

This collection revisits, rethinks and re-evaluates the heritage of the Prague Linguistic Circle, particularly within the field of Literary Theory and aesthetics. Drawing upon research and translation work already done (L. Matejka) the collection will bring new translations of the crucial texts of some of the prominent Circle members (V. Mathesius, R. Jakobson, J. Mukarovsky), as well as contemporary avantgarde practitioners and theoreticians (V. Nezval, K. Teige). The collection will, then, track down the traces of Prague and the aesthetic theory and practice of its 1920s and 30s in further Czech literary thought (L. Dolezel, K. Chvatik), as well as in (post)structuralist thought on an international level (J. Patocka, P. Ricoeur, J. Lacan, J. Derrida) - this with the help of the current proponents of the debates surrounding the history and present impact of the movement (M. Petricek, M. Prochazka, L. Armand).

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