a novel, by Thor Garcia

ISBN 978-0-9571213-2-4
Paperback, 477pp
Publication date: April 2012
Equus Press: Prague & London

Price: € 22.00 (not including postage)


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Thor Garcia's monumental iconoclastic novel, News Clown, was a finalist in the 2009 Amazon.com Breakthrough Novel Award. "Fueled by prodigious amounts of alcohol and tobacco, sex and drugs, this narrative skips along from one bizarre episode to the next in the tortuous life of Thor, a young man whose dreams of a literary career have been sidetracked into an undemanding job as a 'news clown' for a small wire service in the crime-infested back alleys of Bay City. Meanwhile, as Thor struggles with his inner demons, the national news clowns are cheering on President Wolfgang G. Mnung as he threatens a Middle Eastern dictator who may have stockpiled 'as many as 4,000 PlayStation video game units' from which, according to sources, he might fashion a crude supercomputer to control weapons of untold devastation. A flashy, satirical style keeps the narrative fresh, entertaining and eminently readable throughout" (Publishers Weekly).

About TUND, Garcia's recent (2011) collection of short stories from Litteraria Pragensia, Jim Ruland in the San Diego City Beat writes: "I don't think I read a stranger collection of short stories all year than Tund. Its author is a bit of a mystery. He's from Long Beach but has lived in Prague since the mid-'90s. This makes for a peculiar worldview, which probably should be expected from someone with a name like Thor Garcia. Quote: 'We idled languid, fragrant afternoons in hilly, statue-studded parks; munched flaky pastry at umbrella-shrouded pavilions along the river; stared in mute wonder at elaborate iron lamp posts and exquisite carved wooden door panels; floated across expansive sun-dashed cobblestone mezzanines, fawned over fabulously fusty friezes, frontispieces and fandulas; and roamed a seemingly endless cavalcade of crumbling castles, moss-drenched cemeteries, monstrous vaulted churches, time-encrusted bridges, dusty, decaying monasteries, graceful galleries... Yes, it was Europe-Eastern Europe, to be exact, in the time following what were popularly called revolutions.'"

Thor Garcia has worked as a journalist in Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York City and Prague, Czech Republic. His other books include the story collection TUND (Litteraria Pragensia, 2011).

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