ed. Clare Wallace
ISBN 80-7308-122-9 (paperback). 330pp.
Publication date: December 2006

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Monologue is to be found across the spectrum of modern and postmodern theatre and drama, from Samuel Beckett and Harold Pinter to Karen Finley and Spalding Gray. The theatre of monologue revolves around the ambiguities of narrative as a means of knowing and communicating, and is conditioned by dubious authenticity. This collection will bring together original essays on monologue by theatre scholars and practitioners that address the complexities of the form as it appears in contemporary drama and performance.

"Mapping a territory where both the theoretically grounded approaches and the analytical probings suggest the need for the constant redefinition of signposts, Monologues: Theatre, Performance, Subjectivity is an unquestionably important contribution to drama/theater/performance studies regarding its richness of viewpoints and apparent capacity to inspire further research. For critics, scholars, students, and theatergoers the carefully selected and edited material of the volume promises to remain a valuable asset in spite of the few redundancies and occasionally less fruitful arguments it contains. Elegantly produced by Litteraria Pragensia at Prague University, Wallace's collection is part of a recently launched series that keeps on making itself more and more distinguished through interesting as well as challenging publications like this one. Watching out for future offerings by Pragensia is certainly worthwhile."
--Maria Kurdi Comparative Drama

Contributors: Mateusz Borowski & Malgorzata Sugiera, David Bradby, Daniela Jobertova, Mark Berninger, Laurens De Vos, Eamonn Jordan, Dee Heddon, Catharine McLean-Hopkins, Rebecca D'Monte, Jorge Huerta & Ashley Lucas, Brian Singleton, Eckart Voigts-Virchow & Mark Schreiber, Johannes Birringer.

Clare Wallace is a lecturer at Charles University and at the University of New York, Prague. She has published on Joyce, Marina Carr, Patrick McCabe and contemporary Irish and British drama. She is an advisory editor of Rhizomes: Cultural Studies in Emerging Knowledge and formerly managing editor of The Prague Revue.

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