Sex, Ideology, Montage

eds. Vadim Erent & Bonita Rhoads
ISBN 978-80-7308-564-3(paperback) 280pp
Publication date: April 2018

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Among the most idiosyncratic auteurs of avant-garde film, Dusan Makavejev was championed from the early 70s as the herald of art cinema's next wave. For example, it has been said that Eisenstein's theory of "intellectual montage" achieved its most kaleidoscopic realization in Makavejev's practice. Intercutting his narratives with elements of cinema verite and citations from vintage documentaries as well as passages from other fictional movies, Makavejev created a unique style of filmic collage. In this regard, cinema itself - the stuff of our collective subconscious - is always a major theme of Makavejev's films, along with his exploration of ideological and psychoanalytic realms. Showing the human body as a symptom of ideology, Makavejev insists on the psycho-ideological constitution of our human organization, an organization in which the psycho inevitably takes over the ideological. In other words, what seems so rare in Makavejev's avant-gardism is precisely his status as one of the most engaged cineastes of our times. While his films are classics of postmodern pastiche, they offer uniquely powerful accounts of Western modernity's major mythologies, from the master-narratives of Western liberalism, erotic individualism and consumerism to the revolutionary yearnings of communist utopia, allegorized in Sweet Movie by the barge called Survival, loaded with sweets for future generations and with the ghosts of its victims from generations past. This volume proudly presents an array of essays that explore Makavejev's double commitment to social and formal cinema.

Editors: Vadim Erent and Bonita Rhoads

Contributors: Louis Armand, Nevena Dakovic Vadim Erent Goran Gocic Benjamin Halligan Patrick Kinsman Ivana Kronja Phillip Lopate Katarina Mihailovic Lorraine Mortimer Richard Porton Maxim Pozdorovkin Bonita Rhoads Zoran Samardzija Anna Schober Steven Shaviro Nevenka Stankovic Aida Vidan

Art: Marina Abramovic Julianna Ostrovsky

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