James Joyce, Hypermedia & Textual Genetics

ed. Louis Armand
ISBN 80-239-2266-1 (paperback). 175pp.
Published: June 2004

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There is a rigour and a set of seemingly limitless practical and theoretical demands involved with JoyceMedia that make it a difficult proposition for those more used to the "method" of applying theories that have already been worked out elsewhere. It is arguable, indeed, that after deconstruction, the fusion of genetics and hypertext represents the first major theoretical discourse to have emerged directly out of an engagement with Joyce's texts. If this is truly the case, then there is every reason to consider that this volume-however tardy its arrival must seem to those who first heard news of it ten years ago-remains nonetheless "in advance" of itself, and that its "news" is, in fact, still to be received.

Contributors: Donald F. Theall, Mark Nunes, Laurent Milesi, Daniel Ferrer, Marlena Corcoran, Michael Groden, Dirk Van Hulle, Thomas Jackson Rice, Alan R. Roughley, Darren Tofts.

Louis Armand is director of the InterCultural Studies programme in the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University, Prague. His books include Solicitations: Essays on Criticism & Culture; Techne: James Joyce, Hypertext & Technology; and Incendiary Devices: Discourses of the Other.

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