Czech-English Combinatory Dictionary:
Noun and Verb

by Aleš Klégr, Petra Key, Norah Hronková
ISBN 80-246-1106-6 (hardcover)
370pp, includes index
Publication date: 2005
Publisher: Karolinum/Charles University Press, Prague

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Czech-English combinatory dictionary is a new type of bilingual dictionary which draws on modern findings about language: text is not generated by putting together individual words; it is composed of multiple-word components stored in our mental lexicon as linguistic units.
Combinatory dictionary resolves the old problem: we are familiar with these multiple-word units (collocations, clichés, phrases, idioms) in our mother tongue, but we do not know them in a foreign language.
Combinatory dictionary is an active dictionary: it is intended for generating text in the other language rather than for its comprehension. Its moment comes when the classical bilingual dictionary cannot help us.
Combinatory dictionary includes over 90 000 combinations in Czech and in English.
Combinatory dictionary is bidirectional: it features Index of English equivalents which allows using the dictionary not only in translating from Czech, but also from English. As a result, the dictionary can help English-speaking users in writing Czech texts.

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