Proceedings of the 24th International Byron Conference, Charles University, Prague, 31 August - 3 September 1998

ed. Martin Prochazka
ISBN 80-246-0115-X (paperback). 306pp.
Published: 2000
Publisher: Karolinum/Charles University Press

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The papers in this volume contest the accepted meanings of the East and the West both in reading Byron's works and in discussing their impact on different cultures. They ask whether it is still possible to identify the boundary between the East and the West with traditional dichotomies, such as Orient vs. Occident, barbarism vs. civilization, Islam vs. Christianity, developing vs. developed countries, etc.

Contributions include: "An English Bard Goes East: Authorship and Authority in Byron's Early Poetry" (Caroline Franklin), "The Bastinadoed Elephant: Byron and the Rhetoric of Irish Servility" (Timothy Webb), "The Building of Empire and the Building of Babel: Sir William Jones, Lord Byron," and "Their Production of the Orient" (Michael Franklin), "Calvin in Islam: A Reading of Lara and The Giaour" (Bernard Beatty), "Byron's 'The Bride of Abydos' and Jami's 'Yusef and Zulaikha'" (Jonathan Gross), "Pushkin and Mickiewicz Re-read The Giaour : 'The Shot' and the 'Confession of Jacek Soplica'" (Peter Cochran), "'I Wonder Whether His Appetite Was Good?'" Byron, Food and Culture: East, West, North, and South" (Christine Kenyon-Jones), "East-West, South-North: Byron's Wordplay Through Rhyme" (Peter Curtis).

Martin Prochazka is Professor and Chair of English & American Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University. He is the author of Romantisismus and Editor of Litteraria Pragensia journal.

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