by Louis Armand
ISBN 978-0-9805113-8-3 (poetry). 96pp.
Published: 2011
Publisher: Vagabond Press (Sydney, Australia)

Price: AUD 22.73 (not including postage)

Armand's extreme gesture of deteritorialisation moves beyond the radical dislocations performed on their respective languages by both Kafka and Tsvetaeva.
--Vadim Erent

It would be intriguing to see Australian culture from the viewpoint of an Australian writer who has lived in Prague or over sixteen years and this collection of poems reflects that perspective.
--Pam Brown

Armand's most recent collection engages with the socio-political sphere and retains the experimental strategies of his earlier work. Divided into five sections, the dense prose-like pieces of Letters from Ausland convey a seamless line of thought, told by a grounded voice, one which is profoundly self-reflexive and elegant.
--Jane Lewty

Armand's proclivity to "stake everything against the world in order to be for the world" is effectively illustrated by the treatment of place in [these] poems.
--Ali Alizadeh

Louis Armand's poetry is fiercely, delectably experimental--a typical Armand poem contains its own analysis or alternative version--but his work is never less than delighting in its wrestle with language, and formal in its drive and strategy. He is very much at the heart of a new internationalist poetic--for poetry that synthesises experimental and formal verse.
--David Morley

... a poetry filled with guest appearances by the languages we normally delegate authority to; which knows more than all of them put together.
--Rod Mengham

Louis Armand is a landscape poet with a difference. His landscapes are replete with 'anti-constructs' ... He marks "the remoteness between signifier & land-/scape," rather than its conventional conflation. Armand ... knows the "fundamental questions" are those of locality; he poses them with intellectual acuity, integrity, and in singular language(s) that assert pluralism and always refuse the "seductions of amnesia.
--Susan M. Schultz

Louis Armand is an Australian writer and visual artist, born in Sydney, who has lived in Prague since 1994, where he currently directs the Centre for Critical & Cultural Theory in the Philosophy Faculty of Charles University. He has published numerous collections of poetry, prose fiction and critical essays, including Inexorable Weather (UK: Arc, 2001), Strange Attractors (UK: Salt, 2003), Solicitations: Essays on Criticism & Culture (Litteraria Pragensia, 2005) and Event States: Discourse, Time, Mediality (Litteraria Pragensia, 2007). He is currently co-editor of VLAK magazine.

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