eds. Vit Bohal & Dustin Breitling
ISBN 978-80-7308-708-1 (paperback) 170pp
Publication date: April 2017

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Contributors: Alexander R. Galloway, Marco Donnarumma, Sam Samiee, Paul Chaney, Sarah Kember, Martin Stefl, David Bates, Louis Armand, Vaclav Janoscik, Inigo Wilkins

The title of the book is predicated on the basis of a tri-partite framework - the algorithm, the allegory & the rhythm of their mutual interaction. Oscillating between the algorithmic & the representational, the human agent navigates its environmental niche in a way which is conducive to its further psychological, social, & biological existence. Yet how transparent & how predetermined is such a dynamic? Where are the points of contact, friction & overlap within the variegated pulls & counteractive fl ows inherent in the choreography of the "democracy of objects," & how conducive is such an ecology of relations to the continuing survival of the human, here understood as an intersectional juncture between the biological, technological, cultural, semiotic etc?

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